Buddy Spencer Dealer Blue Ribbon Chevrolet/Buick/CDJR

“The best program I’ve seen in 60 years as a dealer, if things are boring, if you want to sell more cars and have fun doing it, give them a call"

Clint Holland GM Fletcher Hyundai/Mercedes

“We are all looking for something that works, THIS WORKS-during our second Event we broke our all time weekend sales record and we had a great time doing it”

Kevin Bullard GM Floyd Traylor Honda

“I was skeptical at first but I’m after seeing it, I’m very impressed with both the training and the results.”




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Nate Brown GSM Fletcher CDJR

“I’m very satisfied with The Appointment Driven Live Training Event it is a big time win for the dealership and the salespeople”. 

Walt White GM Performance Chevy/Buick

“It really works and works well, the training, the appointments, the sales, the energy AND all our customers were happy”

Josh Kirby GM Fletcher CDJR

“I do it regularly for the boost in sales and the training, very professional and very effective, I recommend them without hesitation”



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With our live events, online course, and our book, we'll help you and your team be so busy you'll be saying the phone scripts in your sleep.


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