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Neil is an industry leader in digital and mail and Roger is the industries finest live trainer- combine these two and you get a super power!

Put the Synergy in your store and we put buyers on your floor!

Dealer after dealer has asked  "Why didn't we do this sooner"?

Why pay trainers who just TELL your people how to do it but who do not SHOW THEM HOW TO DO IT?

Where I went to school (The old school) leaders know the way go the way and show the way!

Sales people learn when they are SHOWN rather than told! If they could learn in classrooms they'd be Dr.'s and Lawyers!

They aren't, they are Sales People! That's why TheSynergyGroup's Live Training Appointment Setting Car Selling Parties are setting the industry on fire!

When we hang up our appointment board in your showroom GET READY! We get on the phones and computers we DRIVE TRAFFIC and SHOW the sales staff  how to make more sales through the appointment culture!

Need more sales? More Gross? More Net? Better trained people?

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Our Team

Roger Williams

Jake Hare

Lester Berry

Ricky Ford

Why Choose Us

We are the world's largest online site offering online as well as offline resources for the car sales teams of today. There are many companies who claim to do what we do, but none can deliver results quite like ours. Our testimonials and our former clients speak for our work, and it is our goal to replicate and improve on every single event we do. 

If you want to get the most out of our talents and resources, then here's the gameplan we've perfected:

  1. Schedule an event. Get yourself on the calendar and have our team of coaches come out and blow up your sales and revive your sales team in the process.
  2. Get every one of your sales team to purchase our book. It is a priceless resource of information to help your team dominate every single day on the floor.
  3. Enroll in one of our online courses to stay up to date on our resources, and continue to grow as a sales team and a dealership. 

No other company in the industry can say with confidence that they are on your team- and that's what we claim. It is our goal to help your team win with everything we do.


To train and teach sales teams from all different types and sizes of dealerships to dominate their goals.

By providing online & offline resources/events, we plan to help dealerships across the country absolutely kill their sales and create a high-energy enviornment destined for success.

We believe that if you bring energy and fun back into the environment, your sales totals will skyrocket. "Before I was having fun on the phone, and knowing that the phone could work for me, I was just an average salesman living an average life." 





This event was absolutely insane, changed the game for our sales team.

-Ryan Crumb - Manager at Floyd Traylor Honda

Automotive Coach

Automotive Coach is an online education site which imparts knowledge and skills to thousands of dealerships nationwide.

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