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Event Recap: Floyd Traylor Honda

Just this past week, our coaches set out for Ft. Smith, AR to meet up with the team at Floyd Traylor Honda to host a 3-day sales event. Going into it, there were several pre-event tasks that went into effect that are included in the Synergistic marketing strategy we provide for dealerships. Once on site, however, we found out very quickly that we were going to be successful for one very important reason: the managers and the team were open and ready to listen.


The key take aways from this event are this:

  1. The first day was a bit slow because of one simple fact: the team here was a little skeptical (which is shown in their testimonial video here). But, after the event they couldn’t stop talking about how the sales meetings and training was the catalyst that drove major sales for this team.
  2. The energy we brought was UNREAL. We were able to bring back fun into the sales tower and floor, as well as in their communication with the customers.
  3. The numbers did not lie. Roger Williams’ expertise and legendary leadership helped this team realize that as long as they follow his training that the numbers will always turn out the way he says they will.

Feel free to check out the testimonial video below from Floyd Traylor himself, as well as two managers on staff at this Honda location, and book an event just like this for your dealership today! Click here to contact our team and get an event scheduled for your dealership.


March 21, 2017

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