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Foreward by Dave Anderson


"Roger Williams has written a no-nonsense, real-world handbook for anyone wanting to take their best shot at reaching their fullest potential in the car business. You won't have to read for long to grasp that what's being presented can only be done by someone who:

  • Has had a long-term, successful career in the automotive retail industry.
  • Is still in that industry and continues to have a positive impact on it every day.
  • Has remained fresh amidst a sea of industry change, and can thus deliver strategies that are fresh, relevant, and highly effective regardless of what you sell, or where you sell it.

Roger's book, Synergistic Selling, is filled with common-sense, moneymaking strategies that will benefit the veteran and newcomer to automotive sales alike. It's equally valuable to owners, managers, and sales professionals. Frankly, it should be required reading material for your entire team.

Synergistic Selling is not written just to be read, but to be studied, discussed at meetings, used as a training manual, and applied daily by everyone on your team.

I've known Roger Williams for three decades, and I can vouch for the fact that he walks his talk and is the "real deal." He has "been there and done that" better and longer than most, and now you'll have the profitable pleasure of discovering the same.

By the way, don't even think of reading this book without a highlighter and notepad handy. You don't go through a book like Synergistic Selling - you get from it."     

Dave Anderson     

President, LearnToLead

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