Why Roger Williams?

100% Growth

Roger has over 9000 days and counting serving the car industry with insights, positive energy and proven methods to increase sales and profitibility.

A to Z How To's

From Sales Meetings to Coaching, Technology to Training, Roger dives into  everything that affects a sale.

It's in the Heart

Through story-telling and real life examples, Coach Roger Williams is a car man thru and thru. He will inspire you and your team to believe in the process of teaching people how to buy a car, and therefore gaining customers for life.


Nate Brown, General Sales Manager, Fletcher CDJR Sherwood, AR

"Every time Roger comes in, we have great training with the sales team, blow out sales, and we far outreach our goals.  I highly reccommend him for training.  Roger doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Roger is an involved sales trainer with a great personality.  We had great profit on every deal, and the detailed analytics that drive digital traffic are the proof."

Buddy Spenser, Owner, Blue Ribbon Auto Group, Salisaw, OK

"Hands on from the group.  Live traning was outstanding.  It's the best program I've seen in the automotive business, and I've been in the business over 60 years.  I'd reccommend this training to everyone.  We're having a lot of fun!"

Dwight Spenser, Blue Ribbon Auto Group, Salisaw, OK

"I'm a little embarassed it took me so long to do this.  The most advantageous thing for the dealer is that Roger will come in and give your salespeople the tools and training, conduct the sales meetings, meet with managers. We have lots of information, and we have a responsbility to implememnt these things."

Floyd Traylor, Traylor Honda, Ft. Smith, AR

"Roger Williams breeds excitement! He's done a great job for us selling cars and goes out of his way for us!"

Kevin Willard, Traylor Honda, Ft. Smith, AR

"Every customer is excited, the salespeople are uplifted. We've had record breaking sales."  

Megan Asbill, Co-Owner, KISocial Consulting

"Roger's energy is extremely motivating. His no-nonsense approach and years of experience make his training invaluable to dealers and salespeople alike."